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  • Opico 2.7m Auto reset sward lifter

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    Opico 2.7m Auto reset sward lifter

    Opico 2.7m 3 leg sward lifter. Hydraulicauto reset and shear bolt protection, adjustable spring loaded cutting discs, reversible spring loaded rear rollers. Heavy duty ladder frame. for grassland aeration and reducing grassland compaction. This machine has a proven track record in improving grassland aeration and drainage.

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  • Opico Spring Tine Harrows

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    Opico Spring Tine Harrows

    In stock. New Opico harrows. The Grass Harrows 7 or 8mm spring tines are able to penetrate even the hardest of ground, ripping out dead thatch opening up the soil surface allowing air in the root zone stimulating and encouraging growth. The oil hardened spring wire has three times the service life of a normal sprung steel wire. Channel mounting of tine coil prevents damage to the growing tip and leaf of the grass

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  • Opico Sward Slitter Series

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    Opico Sward Slitter Series

    The Sward Slitter improves aeration of plant roots in the upper soil surface and stimulates grass and clover growth. Aeration of the sward root zone is critical for a healthy ley. Slitting allows oxygen interchange through the soil surface and also encourages evaporation of moisture in the surface layer of soil so that it dries out more quickly – this will promote earlier growth in the spring. Whilst slitting or spiking of grassland is not new, OPICO have taken a fresh look at the design of the Sward Slitter. There are 2.5m and 3m rigid front or rear mounted versions as well as 5m and 6m rear mounted hydraulic folding versions. Photographs show 6.0m hydraulic folding slitter, 3 point linkage mounted. 144 knives / points incorporating the chamfered trailing edge, double flanged rotors with adjustment weight carrying rack. 1400kg weight, 2.95m transport width

    2.5m front, 2.5m rear, 3m rear and 6m rear folding in stock

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