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New Holland 1540 S

1980, 630hrs, Radio, complete with 12' header and trolley

New Holland 6070 Plus

2007, 5091hrs, radio, aircon, APUH, drawbar, trailer brakes, front fenders, toplink, toolbox, cab suspension

New Holland BOOMER 40

In stock. 41 HP 4 Cylinder Diesel engine, 16x16 mechanical transmission, L/H forward/reverse shuttle, 540/1000 rpm PTO, 2 rear remote valves, heavy duty 4WD front…

New Holland swinging drawbar

New swinging drawbar and frame to suit New Holland T5040, T5050, T5060 and T5070 could also fit NH TL80, TL90

New Holland T4.55S 2wd

55HP diesel engine, ROPS folding frame, 8 x 8 synchro transmission with L/H manual shuttle lever, 540 rpm PTO. 2 x rear spool valves, mech…

New Holland T5.105 Utility

In stock. 107HP T4i 4cylinder FPT Diesel engine, 24x24 Dual Command 40KPH transmission, L/H power shuttle, 540,540E and 1000rpm PTO speeds, 2 rear remote valves,…

New Holland T5.120 Electro Command

117HP FPT T4b diesel engine, 40kph 16 x 16 semi-powershift transmission, 540,540E and  1000rpm PTO, fender controls, 3 rear mech remote valves, hyd push back…

New Holland T6.145 DCT loader ready

115HP rated power, 145HP EPM, FPT T4b 4 cylinder diesel engine, 24 x 24 DynamicCommand 40Kph transmission, 540, 540E and 1000rpm PTO speeds,  113 litres…

New Holland T6.180 Electro Command

In stock, 145HP tier4b Adblue engine with boost, 16 x 16 Electro Command 40Kph ttransmission, 540, 540e and 1000rpm pto, rear fender pto controls, 3…

New Holland T6010 Plus

2011, 2580hrs, radio, aircon, APUH, drawbar, hydraulic trailer brakes, front fenders, toplink, toolbox, cab suspension, front linkage, creeper gear

New Holland T6080

2008, radio, aircon, APUH, drawbar, front weights, air and hydraulic trailer brakes, toolbox, toplink front fenders, cab and front axle suspension

New Holland T7.165S Range Command

150HP rated FPT T4b diesel engine, 18 x 6 RangeCommand 40Kph transmission c/w540,540E & 1000 rpm PTO speeds,  110 litres per minute hydraulic pump, twin…