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John Deere 6125M

2013, 4830hrs, radio, aircon, APUH, drawbar, trailer brakes, front weights, front fenders, toplink, toolbox. front axle suspension

John Deere 6220

2003, 8600hrs, radio, APUH, drawbar, toplink, toolbox, c/w John Deere parallel loader, left hand reverse

John Deere 6330

2009, 6927hrs, radio, aircon, APUH, drawbar, trailer brakes, front fenders. toplink, toolbox, c/w Stoll parallel lift loader

John Deere 7280R

2012, 3828hrs, radio, aircon. APUH, drawbar, air and hydraulic trailer brakes, front fenders, toplink, toolbox, cab and front axle suspension, front linkage and pto, John…

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