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John Deere 5090GF

790hrs, radio, aircon, APUH, drawbar, front fenders, toplink, toolbox

John Deere 6110M

2017 6110M only 1740hrs Power Quad 40kph TLS

John Deere 6150R

2013, 7325hrs, radio, aircon, APUH, drawbar, trailer brakes, front fenders, toplink, toolbox, front axle suspension

John Deere 6150R Front Linkage PTO

2015, AutoQuad 40kph. Front PTO, Axle and Cab Suspension

John Deere 7270R only 3100hrs

2014 only 3100hrs, GPS, Front linkage, new BKT tyres, AutoPower 50kph, full suspension,

Michelin Mach XBIB 650 75 R38 tyres

Approx tread 95% Taken from a demo tractor   £2,200 plus vat each

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