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KTWO DUO 600 MK5 spreader.

Slurry door, wide angle 540rpm PTO shaft, heavy duty drive line, wood extension sides, 10 stud axle, commercial hydraulic brakes, 16.9 x 30 BKT tyres,…

Marshall Bale Trailers in Stock!

Models BC21 & BC25 in stock.

Marshall MS60 manure spreader

Classic barrel design, 4mm steel, fully welded hydraulic opening lid, hydraulic braking and lights, machined steel drive sprockets, 10 pitch spline, pillar block bearings offset…

Marshall MS75 rotor spreader

5 tonne capacity, classic barrel design, 4mm fully welded steel, hydraulic opening lid, machined steel drive sprockets, 10” pitch spline, pillar block bearings offset from…

Schuitemaker FEEDO 50-8 forage feeder wagon

8 cubic metre volume, 4800kg loading capacity, box dimensions 400 x 160 x 120cm, front hydraulic cross conveyor, left or right discharge, variable speed control,…

Swaledale ATV Rota-snacker

Land drive sheep feeder , discharge feed in heaps at approx 2m apart, fully galvanized, c/w blue tarpaulin cover / hood, 300kg hopper, 22 x11…

Swaledale Rota Snack 300 ATV land drop sheep feeder

Fully galvanised steel body, 300Kg hopper with tonneau cover, mechanical operated feed cylinder, c/w cast 50mm swivel ball hitch, 10.0 x 75 x15.3 wheels and…

Swaledale ST503 ATV trailer

Fully galvanised monocoque trailer, 5' x 3,5" with 36" sides, swing mesh rear gate, internal front mesh dividing gate, c/w heavy duty cast 50mm ball…

Swaledale ST535 ATV sheep trailer

Swaledale ST535 fully galvanized monocoque sheep trailer. 5' x 3'7" with 36" sides, swing mesh rear door, complete with gates and lamb boxes for 3…

Swaledale ST535 ATV Trailer

Fully galvanised, monocoque body 5' x 3' 7" with 36" sides, single internal swing mesh gate, rear swing mesh gate, c/w heavy duty 50mm swivel…

Swaledale ST604 ATV trailer

2.0m length x 1.0m high,  1.90m overall width on 10/75 x 15.3 tyres , fully galvanised body, wood slatted floor, 4 compartments including lamb boxes,…

Swaledale ST604 ATV trailer c/w sheep and lamb boxes

Fully galvanised monocoque trailer, 6'6"x 4' with 36" sides, swing mesh rear gate, gates and lamb boxes for four sheep, c/w heavy duty 50mm ball…

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